Hollywood Legion Theater Drive-In - Universal Monster Triple Feature intro w/ Alan Rode & Joe Dante

Alan K. Rode and Joe Dante introduce a monstrous movie medley of three classic horror flicks packaged as Universal Monster Night (October 30, 2020): 

Son of Dracula

Creature of the Black Lagoon

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein

. . . which invaded THE FIRST-EVER DRIVE-IN CINEMA IN THE HEART OF HOLLYWOOD — The Hollywood Foreign Legion Theater. Get tickets to new shows here.  Read about the creation of the Drive-In here.

Victoria Mature and Alan K. Rode introduce THE LONG HAUL (1958) at NOIR CITY, Hollywood, March 11, 2020.

Kudos to Victoria for taking Jessica Cronn’s original video and creating a documentary featurette, “Growing up Mature.”

New Blu-ray® Classics with commentary by Alan K. Rode

THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE (1936): Separating Fact from Fiction

THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE (1936): Separating Fact from Fiction

Over the years, there have been numerous stories published or otherwise repeated about the production of Warner Bros, action film THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE (1936).

These anecdotal accounts received additional heft in 1975 with the publication of David Niven’s memoir BRING ON THE EMPTY HORSES.

Among other recollections, Niven wrote about director Michael Curtiz’s “carnage” of injured and dead horses caused by his ordering the use of a “Running W” or trip wire during action scenes that were supposedly filmed in Mexico.

Other versions included a fight between Errol Flynn and Curtiz that never occurred (There was a physical confrontation between both men that occurred six years later during DIVE BOMBER) reportedly caused by Flynn’s rage over the director’s alleged indifference to the welfare of animals with the number of horses crippled or killed during the making of the picture ranging from 20 to 100 or many more.

My research, based on studio production records, correspondence and legal files( including sworn affidavits and photographs) and other sources, revealed an accurate and less fabulist account of what occurred during production of the film.

Hollywood’s Great Deluge

Hollywood’s Great Deluge

TCM will be broadcasting NOAH’S ARK on April 4, 2018 that will commence a month long spotlight on the films of director Michael Curtiz. Here is some background on the making of the film adapted from MICHAEL CURTIZ A LIFE in FILM   Michael Curtiz signed a contract with...

Michael Curtiz: He’s No Angel

Michael Curtiz: He’s No Angel

Beverly in Movieland Book Review by Beverly Gray March 23, 2018 To those of us who are fascinated by early Hollywood, director Michael Curtiz has always been a puzzlement. He was born Manó Kaminer, began his professional life as Mihály Kertész, and (once...

New Blu-ray® Classics with commentary by Alan K. Rode

Live virtual presentation of MICHAEL CURTIZ: A LIFE IN FILM by Author Alan K. Rode held by the American Cinematheque. With Q&A moderated by Programmer Ryan Marker on Sunday, August 2, 2020 at 5:00 PM PDT on zoom.

Also enjoy these follow-up Frequently Asked Questions answered by Alan K. Rode.


book cover photo of director Michael Curtiz book cover art photo of Charles McGraw