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And you thought the Oscars were something special!

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I am extremely pleased that Richard Harland Smith selected yours truly at ONE WAY STREET as a Premio Dardo Award winner on his always-fascinating TCM Movie Morlocks blog. This award (which is presented sans any obligatory bric-a-brac like a gold statuette, a stuffed marlin for that odd wall of mine that lacks a film noir one sheet or a Fifth Skull of Jonathan Drake candle holder) is predicated on:

“...the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers (and) gratitude for work that adds value to the Web.”

As someone who has a consistent record of winning bupkiss, the Dardos award personally means a lot… well... as Mel put it:

All kidding aside, Richard's writing in the fantasy genre magazine Video Watchdog, the TCM Morlocks site and elsewhere is relentlessly entertaining. I recommend that you read his recent post on one of the great, all-time sci-fi movies, The Incredible Shrinking Man and find out for yourself. Richard’s voice is one that simply needs to be heard!

The rules of the Premio Dardo Award require that I not only acknowledge Richard’s fine work, but that I also name and notify five other bloggers whose scribing is just, if not more, worthy ofDardos recognition:

And they are (in no particular order):

Moira Finnie

Moira is another esteemed TCM Morlock blogger but there are other considerations as well. She also maintains her Skeins of Thought blog and is one of the guiding lights for the Silver Screen Oasis, one of the web's most erudite (and sane) classic film discussion sites. Moira's lengthy articles on Mark Hellinger, Van Johnson, and Agnes Moorehead among others are masterpieces of insightful, well researched film history. I just hope she gets weary of my intermittent nagging and writes that book!

Kim Morgan

Kim's Sunset Gun blog is a revelation. The Web’s reigning film fatale, Kim’s writing on contemporary and vintage movies, music and whole lot more is smart, sassy and flat out terrific. None of this interferes with her full-time gig as MSNBC's movie critic while delivering wonderfully pithy DVD commentaries; check out her audio duet with the Czar of Noir, Eddie Muller on Fox’s Roadhouse. Kim’s my kind of woman. Who else would travel home for Christmas via Amtrak and muse about encountering Charles McGraw in the dining car?

John McElwee

John McElwee has been blogging on his Greenbriar Picture Shows since December 2005 and he hasn’t repeated himself once. Some of the freshest writing with wholly original perspective on what at first glance appears to be well-traveled movie history/pop culture … but isn’t. His latest entry is about Charlie Chan with pictures that… well, check it out. I have no idea where John lives but it might be inside the Library of Congress what with the wonderful photos I’ve never seen before along with statistics he routinely obtains from God’s Knows Where. John has got it down


Steve Eifert’s Noir of the Week has become an Internet broadsheet staple of my day-to-day. Great critiques of noted and obscure films noir are supplemented by guest writers and film clips. Steve is also the administrator of the Back Alley Noir discussion board. He does a terrific job on keeping the Web lively… and dark.

Glenn Erickson

Glenn Erickson’s DVD Savant column is a cyber-public service. Although his review output on new DVDs is encyclopedic, Glenn’s film critiques are resolutely cogent, astute and supported by facts as well as passion. Although I don’t always agree with him - Cimarron (1960) was a true rarity: a bad Tony Mann movie with few redeeming qualities - you can mostly take what Glenn scribes about movies to the bank. Besides, how can I quarrel vehemently with someone who selected a pair of my faves, Man of the West and Rodan, as two of the best discs released in 2008?

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