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My Michael Curtiz manuscript is at the publisher with the book scheduled for publication in 2017.  “Done” is a relative term as there is still a considerable distance to travel before I am holding a completed book in my hand, but the work itself is completed and it’s a good feeling.  With that, I will be returning to my blog and updating the web site on what is going on with me and the world of classic film.



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  Ricardo Montalban died today and the world lost a veneer of badly needed class. I never met the man, but I sure admired him. His memoir, Reflections, A Life in Two Worlds published in 1980 is only 163 brief pages. I've had it in my library for years. No matter the length, Montalban’s book bespeaks a class human being who was first and foremost a gentleman, a term that has all but vanished from our public lexicon. Ricardo Montalban radiated confidence without arrogance, lightness without frivolity and gravitas with sincerity. When he first came to this country in the 1940’s, Montalban stopped at a roadside diner in Texas that had a sign out front: “No Dogs or Mexicans Allowed”.He swallowed his outrage and continued on the road to Hollywood. He married his wife, Georgiana Young (Loretta’s sister) soon after. She was the one and only love of his entire life....
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  Robert Mitchum on screen epitomizes ultimate cool… always has, always will. I have a short list of favorite Mitchum pictures…doesn’t everyone? Out of the Past- the quintessence of the noir stained private eye; Night of the Hunter and Cape Fear playing two of the most wonderfully despicable blackguards in movie history; Blood on the Moon, The Sundowners, The Story of G.I. Joe… and now there is a new addition to the list. I had originally watched The Wonderful Country (1959) via an old VHS broadcast tape nearly five years ago. Savoring it last week in HD on a big Plasma screen, courtesy of the Western Channel, was a revelation. As Martin Brady, Mitchum is a rawhide-tough pistolero who has grown weary of dangerous subservience. Surviving in the El Paso border country while on the run for avenging his father’s post Civil War murder, he discovers that riding point for a...
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  If you are intrigued by science fiction, vintage radio and Charles McGraw (I go 3 for 3 with this lineup), you will be interested in this 1950 radio podcast, courtesy of Escape and Suspense! a blog devoted to the enjoyment of the CBS radio show Suspense and its sister show Escape. These archived programs feature original stories performed by some of the all-time great vintage actors.
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