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  James Whitmore died the other day and I selfishly thought, "There's goes another irreplaceable actor that I will never get to meet." The more I learned about Whitmore, the more it seems he might have been an irreplaceable human being. Whitmore first entered my consciousness in a Twilight Zone episode that I saw at my grandparents apartment when I was ten years old. He portrayed a well-intentioned, but authoritative leader of a group of people who have been stuck for decades on a barren planet. When the group is able to return to Earth, Whitmore's character mutates from putting the welfare of his people first to becoming frantic over what will become of him now that his mantle of leadership is removed. It was an amazing portrayal about the unintended outcome of power that left this kid absolutely stunned at the finale and thinking about it the next day... and...
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  I am extremely pleased that Richard Harland Smith selected yours truly at ONE WAY STREET as a Premio Dardo Award winner on his always-fascinating TCM Movie Morlocks blog. This award (which is presented sans any obligatory bric-a-brac like a gold statuette, a stuffed marlin for that odd wall of mine that lacks a film noir one sheet or a Fifth Skull of Jonathan Drake candle holder) is predicated on: “...the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers (and) gratitude for work that adds value to the Web.” As someone who has a consistent record of winning bupkiss, the Dardos award personally means a lot… well... as Mel put it: All kidding aside, Richard's writing in the fantasy genre magazine Video Watchdog, the TCM Morlocks site and elsewhere is relentlessly entertaining. I recommend that you read his recent post on one of the great, all-time sci-fi movies, The Incredible Shrinking Man...
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  Here's a link to my chat with Ernest Borgnine on Filmmonthly. Ernie tells it like it was. Great guy. Alan
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