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Cry of the City

The L.A. Film Noir Festival really gained traction this week with some superb screenings and great attendance for the hypercompetitive Tinseltown movie market.

Thursday's double bill at the Egyptian was Cry of the City (1948) and City of Fear (1959). The former picture is one of the classic Fox noirs that has yet to be issued in DVD format - an omission that noir aficionados find baffling.

Darryl F. Zanuck returned to 20th Century Fox in 1944 - as Otto Preminger put it sarcastically, the mogul was, “off filming the war” - realizing that prewar Hollywood fare such as Andy Hardy and the traditional gangster pictures wouldn't cut it anymore.

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Welcome to "One Way Street"

When somebody really doesn't know how they are going to execute a plan or manage something, the term typically employed is "evolving".

So it is with this blog that I am dubbing 'One Way Street'. It is basically an outlet for me to write about the things that interest me: film noir, my books, friends, pop culture, etc. in order to share them with others.

Let me know what you think.

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Film Noir at the Eqyptian and Aero Theatres in L.A.

The 8th Annual Festival of Film Noir jumped off at the Egyptian Theatre last Thursday night. Although the American Cinematheque is the sponsor of this enterprise, there are some new wrinkles in the dark shading of this year's festival:

1. The Film Noir Foundation is the festival co-sponsor with the Cinematheque.

2. My colleague and friend, Eddie Muller, is performing the hosting duties along with yours truly who wrangled most of the screening guests this time around. Eddie and I programmed this festival along with Chris D. at the Cinematheque. Thematically, this year's fest is a series of noir double bills featuring L.A. vs. N.Y.

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