Some idle thoughts on how some of the star-crossed couples of film noir would celebrate Valentine Day. You’ll have to fill in the blanks with the actors and the movies.

Walter and Phyllis might ignore the 45 mile an hour speed limit and decide to kick it down at the beach in Santa Monica.

Would Holiday Carleton be inspired to find a way to keep Ralph Cotter from the arms of heiress Margaret Dobson?

Jeff and Kathie would probably start off with a drink at the La Mar Azul before heading to Pablo’s to gaze in each others eyes over some American music.

Paula misses Frank and just wants him to come home to Banning.

Martha asks Sam to drive up at the campsite above the city to look at the lights next to a campfire that is still smoldering… just like her passion

Helen gets Sam in a clinch and tells him that he is more ardent than usual for a newly married man.

Joe pulls a Howard Hughes and makes two dates for Valentines Day; one with Pat, but then tries to sneak out and meet Ann afterwards.

Al just wants to get the hell away from Vera.

And for Chuck and Lorraine . . .  well, some things don’t change no matter what day it is.

Ace in the Hole – Chuck and Mrs. Minosa