Blu-ray® Discs and DVDs

Alan contributed numerous commentaries and special feature appearances for a variety of Blu-ray® and DVD classic film releases.

Several recent releases include documentary featurettes produced by the Film Noir Foundation and TVP Enterprises, Alan’s production company that he co-founded with filmmakers Steven C. Smith and Patrick Francis.

Blu-ray® Classics

Four film noir classics volume 2.


Essential film noir collection 4.


The Turning Point - Blu-ray DVD

Movie posters for The Guilty and High Tide.

The Whistle at Eaton Falls

A Walk in the Sun

Repeat Performance

Doctor X

The Face Behind the Mask

boxed set blu-ray discs

Blu-ray cover

boxed set cover

Inferno movie cover art
photo cover of Blu-ray Disc featuring Lloyd Bridges and Barbara Peyton
photo cover of Blu-ray Disc woman on the run featuring ann sheridan
Blu-ray cover art The Mystery of the Wax Museum
Blu-ray cover art for Sorry, Wrong Number
photo cover of Blu-ray Disc featuring Dan Duryea, June Vincent, Peter Lorre
photo cover of Blu-ray Disc featuring James Stewart and Ruth Roman
photo cover of Blu-ray Disc for T-Men featuring Dennis O'Keefe
photo cover of Blu-Ray Disc Too Late for Tears featuring Lizabeth Scott and Dan Duryea
Blu-ray cover art featuring stylized Nina Foch and George Macready behind bars
Blu-ray cover art illustrated Franchot Tone Ella Raines Phantom Lady
illustrated cover of Blu-Ray Disc featuring Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake, William Bendix in The Blue Dahlia
illustrated Blu-ray disc cover art four film noir classics the dark mirror secret beyond the door force of evil the big combo
Raw Deal cover art
cover art for Blu-ray Disc The Breaking Point featuring Wallace Ford
illustrated and photo collage Blu-ray cover art for he walked by night featuring richard basehart with a gun
illustrated Blu-ray disc cover art featuring Brian Donlevy, Veronica Lake, Alan Ladd in The Glass Key
illustrated blu-ray cover art for dark city featuring charlton heston
photo cover of Blu-ray Disc Casablanca 70th Anniversary featuring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman

DVD Classics

DVD cover art for Black Widow movie
DVD cover art for Moontide featuring Jean Gabin and Ida Lupino
DVD cover art for Forgotten Noir Volume 5, double feature FBI Girl, and Tough Assignment
DVD cover art for Daisy Kenyon featuring Joan Crawford
DVD cover poster art for film noir classic The Prowler
DVD cover poster art for classic film noir double feature vol 3 reign of terror and amazing mister x
DVD cover art for film noir movie New York Confidential
DVD cover art for film noir movie dangerous crossing with Jeanne Crain
DVD cover art for triple bill classic western movies Rawhide, The Gunfighter, and Garden of Evil
cover art for DVD of Road House featuring Ida Lupino Celeste Holm Cornel Wilde and Richard Widmark