August 2, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
ZOOM - Virtual Event

The American Cinematheque’s AC Book Club presents: Michael Curtiz – A Life In Film

Online discussion with author Alan K. Rode at 5:00 PM PDT on Sunday, August 2nd.

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About the Book

Academy Award-winning director Michael Curtiz (1886–1962) – whose best-known films include CASABLANCA (1942), YANKEE DOODLE DANDY (1942), MILDRED PIERCE(1945) and WHITE CHRISTMAS (1954) – was in many ways the anti-auteur. During his unprecedented 27-year tenure at Warner Bros., he directed swashbuckling adventures, westerns, musicals, war epics, romances, historical dramas, horror films, tearjerkers, melodramas, comedies and film noir masterpieces. The director’s staggering output of 180 films surpasses that of the legendary John Ford and exceeds the combined total of films directed by George Cukor, Victor Fleming, and Howard Hawks.

photo of biographical book Michael Curtiz: A Life in Film placed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame star for director Michael CurtizIn the first biography of this colorful, instinctual artist, Alan K. Rode illuminates the life and work of one of the film industry’s most complex figures. A native of Hungary, Curtiz immigrated to the United States in 1926. In Hollywood, Curtiz earned a reputation for his explosive tantrums, but few directors elicited more memorable portrayals from their casts. In addition to his study of the director’s remarkable legacy, Rode investigates Curtiz’s dramatic personal life, discussing his enduring creative partnership with his wife, screenwriter Bess Meredyth. This meticulously researched biography provides a nuanced understanding of one of the most talented filmmakers of Hollywood’s golden age.

About the AC Book Club

The relationship between books and movies goes back to the dawn of cinema. As the medium matured, the written word grew beyond source material to include scholarship on film. Part of the American Cinematheque’s mission is to shed light on Hollywood history and the filmmaking process, so we spotlight authors with relevant books whenever possible – often partnering with our friends down the boulevard, Larry Edmunds Bookshop.

During these days of virtual cinema, the American Cinematheque AC Book Club will continue that initiative with webinar presentations from authors who will shed light on various corners of the movie industry. Join us for the AC Book Club!