logo art for Academy of Art UniversityFor those who are interested in the historical study of film noir, a close friend and colleague – Chris D., ace programmmer at the American Cinematheque – will be teaching “Examining Film Noir” at the Academy of Art in San Francisco during the month of September. This course is available to EVERYONE and I wouldn’t recommend something like this unless I knew it was worthwhile. Here is the additional detail:

Writer, filmmaker, musician and on-sabbatical American Cinematheque programmer Chris D. will be teaching a Film Noir history class (called EXAMINING FILM NOIR) in the Liberal Arts department at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, starting mid-September, 2009. The class runs 15 sessions (or modules as they call them in academic-speak) on Tuesday afternoons, 3:30 PM – 6:20 PM. Classes consist of lecture, film clips (clips from between 5 – 6 films each session discussed in context of each session’s theme) and a 1 page written assignment each week based on an assigned film watched at home. Session themes include What is Film Noir?, Outlaw Couples, Amor Fou (Self-Destructive & Doomed Love), Going Straight (Prison Life & the Plight of the Ex-Con), The Sociopathic Killer, The Heist, Cops & Hoods, Social Issue & Docu-Drama Style Noir, The Doomed Man (or Woman) & Their Impossible Quest, The Private Eye and Others, Suburbs Gone Haywire, Noir from Europe, Neo-Noir (1960-1979) and Neo-Noir (1980-2009).

Chris D. co-programmed the American Cinematheque’s Film Noir series at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood with Eddie Muller & Dennis Bartok (1999-2005) and with Eddie Muller & Alan K. Rode (2006-2009).

Anyone can enroll in Examining Film Noir (an undergrad class), and they do not have to be a full time – or even part time – student. People can also enroll in the class as personal enrichment or an elective for a student from any “school” within AAU. Faculty, staff and employees can also enroll in the class. Potential students can sign up by going to registration at 79 New Montgomery, call the main number 800.544.2787 or visit www.academyart.edu.

Visit these links for more specifics on the course and tuition.