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Steve rubin's saturday night at the movies.

Steven Jay Rubin's Saturday Night at the Movies

Alan K. Rode talks everythng “Michael Curtiz – Super Director” in this podcast hosted by Steven Jay Rubin.

Noir city chicago 2023 poster featuring a bartender mixing drinks, a gent at the end of the bar in a fedora holding a bouquet of flowers, and a stunning redhead in a sparkly red gown sporting a lit cigarette and a pistol.

Music Box Theatre celebrates the darker side of life with Noir City: Chicago

Alan K. Rode gives CBS Chicago a thorough overview of film noir, his and Eddie Muller’s longstanding film noir preservation efforts, and in particular the outsized impact Chicago has played in the history of film noir classics.

Blood on the moon poster featuring robert mitchum.

The Extras: Blood on the Moon

Author Alan K. Rode joins Tim Millard’s podcast to discuss his new book BLOOD ON THE MOON, a detailed look at the making of the 1948 western. The discussion takes a deep dive into how this film is a prime example of a noir western, which was a movement in westerns toward realism after World War II.

Alan provides background on star Robert Mitchum and why he was a perfect fit for this noir western style. Tim and Alan also discuss the great director Robert Wise, cinematographer Nicolas Musuraca and the other members of the production team. And then in turn they discuss stars Robert Preston, Barbara Bel Geddes, Phyllis Thaxter, Walter Brennan, and Charles McGraw. The podcast ends with an update from George Feltenstein of the Warner Archive, as to why the film never received a DVD release, and the work that went into bringing it out on Blu-ray in early 2020.

How the west was cast.

How the West Was 'Cast

Blood on the Moon (1948) – Andrew Patrick Nelson and Matthew Chernov interview Film Scholar Alan K. Rode

The gripping story of a down-and-out cowhand who becomes ensnared in a complex scheme to dupe a local rancher out of a fortune, the moody 1948 film Blood on the Moon combines the mythic milieu of the Hollywood Western with the dark psychological themes of a classic noir. On this engaging episode, Andrew Patrick Nelson chats with acclaimed author, biographer and film noir expert Alan K. Rode, whose latest book – titled Blood on the Moon – offers a fascinating analysis of this influential Western.

George Feltenstein, Alan K. Rode -- Casablanca.

The Extras PODCAST: George Feltenstein, Alan K. Rode

Alan K. Rode visits Cinecon for the restoration of INVADERS FROM MARS (1953).

Journeys in Darkness and Light (The Great Movies) with Andy Wolverton and Darnice Jasper

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Hollywood’s Great Deluge

Hollywood’s Great Deluge

TCM will be broadcasting NOAH’S ARK on April 4, 2018 that will commence a month long spotlight on the films of director Michael Curtiz. Here is some background on the making of the film adapted from MICHAEL CURTIZ A LIFE in FILM   Michael Curtiz signed a contract with...

Michael Curtiz: He’s No Angel

Michael Curtiz: He’s No Angel

Beverly in Movieland Book Review by Beverly Gray March 23, 2018 To those of us who are fascinated by early Hollywood, director Michael Curtiz has always been a puzzlement. He was born Manó Kaminer, began his professional life as Mihály Kertész, and (once...

The Versatility, Vitriol and Vision of Michael Curtiz – Book Review

The Versatility, Vitriol and Vision of Michael Curtiz – Book Review

Book Review by Mark Burger January 24, 2018 MICHAEL CURTIZ: A LIFE IN FILM by Alan K. Rode. Published by University Press of Kentucky. 630 pages. $50 retail.   Given his many classic films – which include Angels With Dirty Faces (1938), Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)...

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