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2020's NOIR CITY Annual 12, the best of the best from the Film Noir Foundation's 2019 quarterly NOIR CITY e‑magazines, is another home run—essays, interviews, profiles, tributes, and reviews of classic and modern noir films from today's top writers -- among them Jake Hinkson, Ray Banks, Vince Keenan, Alan K. Rode, Steve Kronenberg, John Wranovics, Sharon Knolle, D.A. Kolodenko, Lisa Lieberman, Ben Terrall, and Eddie Muller. Book layout and design by Michael Kronenberg. And, as with any purchase from the FNF, when you buy NOIR CITY Annual 12, you'll be helping fund the non-profit foundation's film restoration efforts. About the Film Noir Foundation: The Film Noir Foundation is a non-profit public benefit corporation created to educate and promote the cultural, historical, and artistic significance of film noir as an international cinematic movement. It is the foundation's mission to find and preserve films noir in danger of deterioration, damage or loss, and to ensure that high quality prints of these classic films remain in circulation for theatrical exhibition to future generations. Since its founding in 2005, the FNF has restored, through UCLA Film & Television Archive, and returned to circulation eleven 35mm films -- Cry Danger (1951), The Prowler (1951), Try and Get Me! (1951), Repeat Performance (1947), High Tide (1947), Too Late for Tears (1949), The Guilty (1947), Woman on the Run (1950), Los tallos amargos (1956 - Argentina), The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950), Trapped (1949), and, premiering this year in 2020 restorations of two films from Argentina -- 1952's La bestia debe morir (The Beast Must Die) and 1953's El vampiro negro (The Black Vampire). Additionally, the FNF has funded fifteen 35mm preservation prints which have been returned to circulation as well -- eleven U.S. films and four from Argentina.

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